Heat Resources – Metro 2019

Heat and humidity can be dangerous during the summer in Minnesota. 2-1-1 has put together a collection of resources and information that can be used to help beat the heat.

Cooling Centers:

Cooling centers are places that the public can go to spend a few hours outside of the heat. The Salvation Army offers a cool place and water for those in need when the heat index is over 90 degrees. Other cooling centers are public places such as libraries, malls, etc. Though some are private establishments that may require a purchase, such as a movie theater, shopping mall, or certain recreation centers. Click the link above to see the locations of Salvation Army cooling centers, or to navigate further and see interactive maps of cooling centers in Hennepin and Ramsey counties.

All around:

Some information 2-1-1 often gives out is to stay hydrated and drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol as that will dehydrate a person. If there is a related medical condition where a doctor is limiting the amount of fluids a person drinks, or someone is taking water pills, they should consult their physician about how much to drink in hot weather.


Wear loose, lightweight, and light colored clothing. And avoid prolonged exposure in the sun. Going for a swim or to a public beach might be one good way to keep cool. Though remember, if you have to be outside, try to wear a hat or use an umbrella to avoid some of the heat from direct sun exposure; wear sunscreen as well.


Using an air conditioner just two hours a day can help prevent heat-related illness. Limit the amount of sunshine coming into the dwelling by closing blinds or curtains. Though it can still be good to keep windows open slightly to allow air to circulate. Avoid using the stove and oven, and eat smaller meals more often; fruits vegetables and salads are best as many of these items have high water content.


If you or someone you know is exhibiting the signs of heat stroke (throbbing headache, confusion, seizure, temperature above 104, nausea, vomiting) call 9-1-1 immediately.

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